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AirJet Recessed High Speed Hand Dryer
AirJet High Speed Hand Dryer
The AirJet Hand Dryer is the best selling high speed low energy hand dryer that just oozes class.

The AirJet's slick stainless steel exterior houses a high speed fan that blows air through a focused jet at 224mph, drying hands in 10-12 seconds making it as fast as any other on the market.

The bright blue LED under the AirJet hand dryer shines on the users hands illuminating the drying area adding a modern touch of style to the drying process.

It also includes a colour changing LED on the front showing that the AirJet is powered up which changes from red to green when in use.

• Up to 95% cheaper to use than hand towels
• Up to 70% cheaper than other conventional hand dryers
• Hygienic touch free action
• Easy retro-fitting installation
• Bright blue LED on drying area
Adjustable 450-1600W
224mph high speed air
Bright blue LED
Low Noise 70dB
Hygienic no-touch operation
Stylish polished or satin stainless steel
AirJet High Speed Low Energy Hand Dryer

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Aertek AirJet Hand Dryer Aertek AirJet Hand Dryer
AirJet High Speed Low Energy Hand Dryer
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